Bigger Space. Visually Appealing. Abundant Storage Area.

These were the 3 main requirements that were highlighted by the client & Roy (Co-founder of Insight.Out Studio) managed to successfully incorporate the above criteria perfectly.

Once you enter the living room, you will be greeted by a long island table which is a rare sight in a typical 3rm BTO flat. Roy decided to replace the kitchen with this long island table concept to elongate the space in the living room & to make the home look visually appealing. This feature allows the client to do without an additional dining table, which would make a 3rm flat look smaller than it is. Do note that, this is possible because our client has shared that they hardly cook.

Look at the walls & you would notice that a side of the wall has been manually screed with cement. On the other side, the red craft stone was selected to complement with our cement screed wall. These two elements together worked beautifully to give us the rustic look that New York Loft has.

Master Bedroom – the pride & joy of all homeowners. A place where you spend most of your time in. Roy extended the Master Bedroom as the client wanted a bigger room for them to rest & relax in. Roy suggested to use storage platform to solve the issue of storage space for the client. The storage platform doubles up as a bedframe & walking pavement as well, which helps the client achieve their desired goal. The choice of door & open concept wardrobe in the Master Bedroom is a wire mesh glass, this enhance the look of the room with its detailing.

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