Our Core Services

Design Consultation

Picture this. Having random materials sprawled across the table in front of your very eyes, not knowing what they are, their pros and cons or how they value add to your dream space.

At Insight.Out Studio, our focus is on assisting you to navigate these blur lines with confidence and aplomb. We pride ourselves on educating our clients and ensuring they understand what their hard-earned money affords them. We are advocates of helping all our clients make an informed purchase decision.

P/s: Insight.Out Studio don’t charge consultation fees. We’re Interior Designers, not lawyers or doctors.

Post Purchase:
Project Management

Why waste precious time coordinating renovation works for your home when you can spend it with your loved ones enjoying life’s little pleasures or start on that little passion project of yours that you’ve been procrastinating about. Is the money “saved” really any money saved at all? Allow Insight.Out Studio to coordinate and manage the project on your behalf. Save your precious annual leave for the finer things in life.

After Sales Service

Your journey with us does not end once we have handed back your keys to you. At Insight.Out Studio, we believe in maintaining good relations with all our clients post project. Even though your manufacturing defects warranty ends in 12 months after hand-over, the team at Insight.Out Studio remain one call away to cater to your needs. Like the once illustrious boy band “N-Sync” used to sing, “This I promise you”. You have our word that we will not disappear off the face of the earth once your defect warranty period ends.