Mid-Century Modern @ 627 Senja Road

Being an art loving couple who are creatives themselves, we embark on a transformative development of a 1184 sqft footprint for the young first-time homeowners.

An emphasis of warm and cozy was fleetingly derived with a schema to honor a couple of furniture crafted by their lineages that was inherited, hence transpiring to a Mid-Century Modern style, that was popularized in the 40s.

In order to let light flow, walls between the entrance and kitchen were collapsed, leaving a half height wall structure with curved beam features, inventing a perceivably wider entryway and unifying an open-plan space. Monochrome geometric floor tiles and curved elements are used to provide a graphic welcome by giving a nod to the past, while the transition of vinyl flooring to the living area adds a contemporary touch to an otherwise traditionally lack-luster part of the house.

The kitchen embodies clean lines, a dash of warmth walnut wood bottom cabinets that is easy on the eyes and sleek with no top cabinetry in the line of sight, along with watery blue backsplash delineate the Mid-Century Modern epoch. With the remaining half height wall, a landing ledge was crafted to house keys and trinkets with a viable bar counter. Brass handles was added with the adroitness to spruce up the ensemble.

Being design savvy with an assortment of illustrations and art pieces that was collected overtime and several even drawn by our clients themselves, an art gallery was formed as a focal point of the place by utilizing the long sweep of wall in the living hallway painted in Prussian blue for a theatrical highlight. Not only does it bring character and personality to the space by infusing color and art, it makes the apartment feeling fully inhabited while unveiling who they are and what they love.

All three bedrooms parquet flooring were rehabilitated to its former poised glory by retaining its natural color with a matt lacquer finish. It adds dimension to the room in a distinctive way with a homey appeal that symbolizes the Mid-Century modern leitmotif perfectly. Apart from the master suite, the remaining two bedrooms were reconceptualized to a home office cum reading room and a dojo practice chamber respectively.

Both the en-suite and common bathroom can be seen with fun juxtaposing tiles that packs some punch of persona with complementary black frame shower screen, fittings and eye-catching hardware.