vintage eclectic
@ admiralty

One look and you won't believe this is an actual HDB home. Every part of the house from the main entrance to the details of the house will awe you.

Take a look at the main entrance, it looks like there is no door. We did away with the typical gate and decided on using glass to allow sunlight to penetrate in, the illusion of using glass enhances the space. Notice the rusty gate, we kept the authenticity of the steel gate to showcase the rawness.

Taking a step further into the house, you will notice the breeze block. Breeze block was an excellent choice as it is durable, functional and undoubtedly beautiful at the same time. The selection of tiles on the floor near the entrance was chosen to be in a vintage mixed pattern, completed with cement screed border - viola! You get your little 'Joo Chiat' shophouse entrance.

The beauty of this project was that it consists of mostly loose furniture, it has nothing built it. Did you know that it is not necessary to have carpentry in your home? This gives you the liberty to shift your furniture and re-do your home whenever you want, without the hassle to hack something out. Space is your advantage here. Styling the house together was the challenging part. We have to cater essential storage space and our owner had one criteria to feature the Brompton Bicycle near the main entrance.

A bi-fold door was used to segregate the living room and balcony space. A mini foldable ledge and high stool with black and white bamboo blinds to complete your chill cafe vibes. Put on a Spotify calming playlist and enjoy your cuppa coffee on the balcony.

Our homeowners' house are filled with antiques. The appeal of antiques are as varied as the antiques themselves. Some people choose to have antiques in their home because they are family heirlooms. Others simply like the craftsmanship, style, and durability of these pieces.