This unit is 1000 sq ft large & it was bare when the client handed it over to us. Our client, a business owner in the creative sector wanted a space to create workshops, classes, artist talks & exhibitions.

The space was designed to be able to hold small shows & transformable to cater to different talents. What you see here was completely different from the initial entrance. We decided to go with a French café exterior look. As you can see, the usage of reeded glass door creates a sense of curiosity but also allows light to punch through into the studio. Look further in & you will notice a unique splash of yellow on the retro sliding steel gate.

The pop of colour was added to exude a warm feeling, openly welcoming guests into this space. Once you enter, you will be greeted by a minimalist row of bench. It is for our guests to have a seat and remove their footwear. Look above you and you will see an unusual storage cabinet. This design was inspired by the Cabin Luggage Storage Space. It has 6 hooks inside for your coats, bags & even umbrellas.

The material of this curtain is Navy Velvet, it is a rare find which took us 6 weeks to get it fabricated to match the high ceiling height. The thickness of the curtain reduces noise from the individual music rooms to prevent students from getting distracted. This curtain acts as a performance backdrop for when our client wants to hold mini performance for the audience.

There is a hidden music room behind the curtain, segregated by the curtain. The double lami glass used reduces the sound of the music from inside.

The wooden bench you see in the middle of the main room was uniquely created with our client’s main objective in mind. It comprises of large storage space & hidden wheels to move the bench around, removing the limitations of constrained space.

Finally, to rest and recuperate, a personal space is created behind the blue arch door. The usage of wood laminate was kept achieving the minimalist look throughout the entire art studio. There is a built-in fridge & a hidden dining table.