When we met our client, she did not have an exact theme in her mind. She was open to suggestions and gave us the liberty to explore with our creative minds.

With her broad-minded and accepting mindset, the theme Rustic Contemporary was born.

As this flat was built in 1986, it was a complete makeover for the team when we started the project. We focused on cement screed with big format tiles on the floors of the house. The colors chosen to complete the contemporary look are mainly - white, grey, and black. To add some life to the contemporary colors above, we purposely selected wood accent pieces of furniture, along with some greenery to enhance the coziness in the house.

Moving on further into the house, we take a look at the kitchen area. There was a concern for space as it was a 4 room. We decided to merge the dining and kitchen area together. The large feature wall connected to the ceiling was used to create an illusion of the segregation of space, despite it being in the same space. As the family was small, we were able to custom-made their dining table to work as an island too.

Now you must be wondering, why are there patterned tiles in the kitchen. It gives a pop of life to a space where you’ll always be at! Our client had a strong liking for patterned tiles and requested for us to incorporate them into the theme, we decided that the perfect place for it would be on the kitchen walls.

False ceilings were used throughout the entire house to disguise the flaws of the old flat and to hide the wirings as well - killing two birds with one stone.

Zooming into the room, work from home is the new normal now. Our client had requested for us to have a study table in the room as she would be working mostly from her home and would want a conducive environment. As per her wish, we incorporated a table for her. However, instead of your usual bulky table with legs rooted to the ground, we decided to have it hanging from the ceiling.

This unique one-of-a-kind table elongates the height of the room and creates an illusion of a larger space. Needless to say, it is also convenient when you’re cleaning (no dust trapped below heavy furniture).

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