New York Living
@ Canberra Walk

Not your typical cookie clutter BTO apartment design.

For first time homeowners H and H, going for a typical theme was simply not an option. Intrigued by the natural look of raw materials and the characteristics of an up-town New York loft apartment design, both owners presented their ideas to designer AO (Co-Founder of Insight.Out Studio) who then transformed the space accordingly.

Engineered flooring, white walls and ceilings forms the foundations of the space in which more materials and textures were subsequently added.

Having a penchant for hosting family gatherings, H opted for an open concept Kitchen and an island table for his guests to hang out. Accompanying their visually stunning 65” 4K TV is a semi-circular fabric sofa that is undoubtedly the statement piece in their living room. Craft stones mimicking the red bricks that dons the outer façade of New York loft apartments and stained ceramic sub-way tiles were used in and around the Kitchen area to accentuate the overall vibe of their home.

Like most young first-time homeowners, H and H dreamt of having their very own walk-in wardrobe. By combining two bedrooms, Insight.Out Studio designer AO was able to make full use of the limited available space. As you enter the master bedroom, you’ll find 2 rows of full height sliding door wardrobes, a dresser table and an island before reaching the bedroom area where a storage platform was smartly used to provide additional storage.

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