@ the seafront

The luxury of a picturesque view. The smell of fresh seawater. The place where you can ease your mind. The Seafront on Meyer.

A luxury resort was the theme in mind when it came to designing The Seafront on Meyer. Let's take you on a tour around the house!

Our owner had a huge balcony with a stunning view, but it was also facing the highway and the concern was noise. Our designer installed noise cancellation panel to reduce the noise coming in from outside, eliminating disturbance to our owners when they want to rest & relax after a long day at work. We kept a natural look for the balcony by styling it with plants.

In the living room, the usage of false ceiling with cove light and downlight can be seen, we used it to create a cozy atmosphere. Our homeowners have the habit of hosting and we decided on built-in ceiling speakers for a more immersive sound experience. You will notice a huge display cabinet, this was designed to neatly organise their books and other collections. A wine fridge can be seen there too. Our bathrooms blend in with our resort theme perfectly well. We decided on different tiles in the shower area to exude the feeling of entering a separate space in the same room. The master bathroom has a special His and Hers area, say no more to fighting for toilet space.

As the saying goes 'It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen', we mindfully worked on the details of the wardrobe using wood laminate contrast with plain tones and fluted panels to enhance the theme of the house. A unique functionality of our homeowner's child wardrobe is that we have built-in a store rack - this saves space instead of putting in an additional shoe cabinet which will occupy more space in the house.

We hope you've had a wonderful experience at The Seafront on Meyer, check out is at 12pm.