Fancy a hotel stay? I’m sure most of us do. The idea of a space to rest & relax, adding the luxury factor in…I’m already thinking of my next staycation. We replicated a hotel into a home in this exact project. The space that doubles up as a balcony right to the end of the house, focusing on the solid wood material, brings out the coziness. I’m sure that’s the main place your guests would be chilling at when you have them over. The aesthetically gorgeous kitchen is a beauty that will capture the look of every man. We combined the kitchen with the service yard, resulting in a rather large space.

With the advantage of a huge space, we were able to accommodate big kitchen appliances, a wine display cabinet, and even an island without having to worry about it looking cluttered.

Zooming into the cabinets, the color choice was black laminate and wooden walnut with the accent of rose gold. Breaking away from your typical top and bottom cabinet, we went with a double tier top cabinet with a frame around it to highlight the granite tabletop flown in from Spain.

The island was built with our client’s children in mind, we made the edges round so it is instant child-proof. At the same time, the round edges give off a feminine touch - perfect for the queen of the house.

To further enhance the kitchen’s personality, we used a textured stone effect wall, you will also spot the same wall in the common toilet as well.

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