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The team met up with homeowners N & YJ who had radical ideas for their 4 Room built to order flat which they had waited countless years for.

For most of us, stepping into a brightly lit home after a long and arduous day of work calms us down. Not in the case of N & YJ though. They value the mysterious charm of dark and rustic interiors and in their case, a mixture of the charming New York Loft style and the raw and unfinished look of the Industrial style.

The entire 4 Room flat was split into 4 functional areas; cooking, hosting, sleeping & to answer mother nature’s calls. Before entering the unit, you would have already realised that this pair of lovebirds aren’t your run of the mill homeowner.

Doing away with their mild steel gate, you’ll find their unit number embedded into the cement screed flooring. Yes, you can remove your gate if you are wondering if this was done legally. And in their own words “aiyah Singapore very safe one, don’t need gate.”

Until today, the team at Insight.Out are still wondering if they had missed delivery orders. Strutting your way into the unit because it is cooler to strut, you would notice that the entire unit is dominated by greys and blacks with dark wood and green as the accent colours. Fluted glass swivel doors act as the divide between rest and play.

The kitchen, living room and dining area exists as one entire functional space as opposed to having clear segregations between them. Both bathrooms have been designed to suit their individual needs and legend has it that their guests use the bathrooms according to their genders.

Enough blabbering for now and we’ll let the photos do the talking for us.

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