Charmed Luxury @ Garden Residences

Garden Residences is a 99 leasehold condominium project located along Serangoon North Avenue 1 in District 19. Just a stone's throw away from the delicious Satay and Hokkien Mee savoury food at Chomp Chomp, this property is perfect for buyers seeking a quality home within the Northern region of Singapore.

We’ve decided to add a brand new look to the entire living room and master bedroom. We’ve decided to tuck away all the original white walls and to lift the wall with the nicely texture wood grain laminate to it. By doing this, it gives a lifted luxury feel to the house. The position of lighting also enhances the entire mood ambience in the house.

Our living room was feeling a little cramped so we decided to rearrange the furniture so that we could make the best use of every inch in the room. The result was an interesting 2 semi bronze tinted mirror which not only acted as a beautiful feature but also enlarged the room visually.

We have kept the entire house with a clean minimalist look. The wooden laminate flooring, granite table, leather sofa and dining table, along with its original marble flooring from developer gives it the best visually appealing look.

We’ve also conceal the entrance to the kitchen area and the common bathroom. By doing this, unslightly things have been hidden, creating an aesthetically pleasing home for the eyes. We stuck to our decision by using only a single wood laminate colour to enhance the original black beauty granite.

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