English colonial
@ toa payoh

The beautiful home that you see above was birthed when our client came to us with the idea in mind that they would like their house to exude an English Colonial vibe. On the other hand, the challenge was that they would only want to hack 2 toilets and the kitchen. Thus, leaving the other areas of the house in their original condition.

The fusion of the old and new began. We gave the walls a fresh coat of paint, in the classic shade of white. As you and I both know, white symbolises freshness and simplicity. A new beginning and a fresh start!

Take a look at the statement furniture, the selection of wood-colored furniture brings out the contrast in our lovely white walls, giving you a pop of life upon entering the house.

Moving onto the kitchen, where we had the chance to fully renovate the area - check out the muted light grey patterned tiles that were intentionally used to further exude the theme that our client had in mind. Riding on the Colonial bandwagon, the rules were simple, the colors black, white & grey were a MUST to follow! It is highly visible when it comes to the kitchen. Adding a tinge of gold onto the kitchen cabinet’s handle gave it a little sass.

The Powder Room - a phrase that was once used in Colonial America represents our ‘toilet’ in Singapore. Black & white mosaic tiles were used for the floor. Focusing on smaller tiles than the usual large tile size gives you the completed look that is desired. Breaking away from your usual typical HDB toilet, the mirror is hung from the ceiling instead of mounting it on the wall. The empty space on the wall allows natural sunlight to shine in, greeting you every single time you need to relieve yourself.

The tiny secret that I would like to give it away would be the use of plants, the addition of lots of greenery will add vibrance to your humble abode, your respite right in the heart of your home.

In colonial times… When a gentleman says: Thank you for the completion of the project.

You’ll say: Think nothing of it.