This home idea surrounding the theme ‘Industrial Loft’ was born when our client had a few pieces of industrial furniture on hand that they adored and would like to incorporate their furniture to suit the new home.

The initial condition of the house was old, dimly lighted & needed a makeover when Insight.Out Studio first received it.

The main door is a combination of mild-steel gate & a laminated wooden fire-rated door to create a rustic look that will enhance the theme of Industrial Loft. If you look closely, the wall on the right-hand side is different from the wall on the left-hand side. This was purposely created to give the homeowners a cosy raw feel.

The team at Insight.Out Studio decided to hack away the wall in between the Kitchen & Living Room to give our client a larger space for their love of hosting their friends over. The open concept look creates an illusion that the home is much bigger than it is.

The kitchen is in a large U shape and consist of all the necessary kitchen appliances as our homeowners have a strong love for cooking. The elongated countertop will benefit the homeowners when they need the extra space to prepare their ingredients. Watch how the light grey kitchen cabinet gel well with the white subway tiles & oakwood countertop.

We used an aesthetically pleasing wire mesh wooden frame to conceal the unsightly PVC pipes, you have the option to access it by opening the wire mesh door.

Overall, the entire home exudes a cosy, light-hearted vibe with the large usage of woodgrain texture for our homeowners to rest & relax in their humble abode.

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