Bachelor Pad
@ Telok Blangah Rise

The possibilities are limitless when modernising a nearly five-decade 752 square footage minuscule dwelling into a functional bachelor pad imbued with an open spacious concept living with pockets of clean lines and flexible spaces made for liveability.

First order of business was creating a multifunctional area utilising the unit’s length. Walls between the living and kitchen was hacked, making it elongated to feel more open and ample for socialising. Walls with niches was also levelled throughout the space to create unity and a clean canvas.

The living space was crafted with a curved corner console to ease the transition from the entryway to the living space with floor to ceiling cabinetry stretching into kitchen that houses the pantries, appliances like oven and microwave that are typically out for a clutter-free home that doesn’t detract from the room’s openness and add function.

They are equipped with pocket doors for space-efficiency and to maintain a minimalist and cohesive décor with a predominant grey laminate used throughout with a barley accent color paired for detailing and overhung cabinets.

A transition from vinyl to floor tiles were used to discreetly create a sense of separation between the living and kitchen areas with walls and ceiling both painted in white, together they blur where the ceiling starts, creating an open and airy effect. By keeping the layout fluid, it creates a gathering space that eliminates the barrier between entertainment and cooking, making entertainment and socialising that much more accessible and flexible.

Within this free orienting entertainment space, a large island emanates as a decorative focal point while also fuel memories during the holidays to entertain friends and family. A sizable island that doubles as the dining was crucial as frequent game nights will be hosted with board games, as well as cookouts. Shelving was also introduced to house bottles of liquor for hosting.

We transformed a regular three-room flat to a one-bedroom studio apartment by combining the two bedrooms and relocated the bedroom facing away the entertainment area parallel to the façade for added privacy when guests are over.

Black steel fluted bi-fold glass doors were used to create an apparent transition from entertaining to the private quarters with the tractability to open the space up entirely when necessary and to prevent spills and overcrowding when guests are over to create a huge open plan. This transitional walkway afore the bedroom is adorned with loose furniture pieces to accentuate soft focal points designed for reading and binge-watching shows that can be arranged around for an ever-changing rotation that brings our bachelor from work to relaxation.

With storage being vital, an elevated storage deck stretches from the entrance of the sleeping quarter to right where the walk-in wardrobe is, provides additional seating, when necessary, and just about enough multi-use storage space underneath for bigger items like suitcases and seasonal wears to keep clutter out of site and out of the main entertaining space to create a more inviting and casual setting.

To create a subdued connection through the length of the space, several fluted glasses were used throughout to enable light to filter through into the bedroom and furnishings. The walk-in wardrobe was likewise incorporated with the same glass usage to maximize the amount of natural light streaming through the inky Bachelor Pad @ 30 Telok Blangah Rise paint coated quarters for a welcoming depth of luster.

Bathroom was combined with a dual entry – Jack and Jill bathroom, with the communal space and bedroom each having direct access, for a larger bathroom. Separation of wet and dry area was achieved by boxing up the water pipes which was duple with built-in niches storage for bath products. Again, glass doors were integrated to extend visual connectivity that stretch to infinity in the abode.