Zhihao, the owner grew up in Bukit Panjang and he wanted his first marital home to be in a place where he has fond memories.

When the couple first approached INSIGHT. OUT, they had the Scandinavian theme in mind. However, our designer felt that the theme of Scandinavian was too common and introduced the fusion of Japandi x Scandinavian. A touch of Japandi and a little rattan can elevate the look and double the feel.

It's a 4-room BTO, and the house was designed with big grey format tiles to keep the seamless look. White walls and wooden laminate were used for a light, open effect.

They decide to have an open-concept kitchen since they hardly cook and with how small the flat is, modernizing their new kitchen is a must. So we have decided to build an island and off the shelves dining table to put it together and ensure the flow from the modern open-concept kitchen is near-perfect. ​

The kitchen cabinet was introduced to a double-tier look to make it more eye-catching instead a typical single-tier top cabinet. Sinter surface was introduced to the countertop of the kitchen and island. You can find more of this product at this link https://www.lianhin.com/vulcan.html

The owners and designers came to a conclusion to keep both rooms simple and had minimal work done.

Take a look at the size of this! We’ve installed an L-shaped wardrobe with a display cabinet. The owner has this bag collection and our designer thought it was a good idea to combine both the display and wardrobe cabinet into one.

A full-view glass cabinet that is directly facing the master bedroom entrance with black tint glass creates a sense of mystery.

Due to space limitations, we have also incorporated a built-in side table to be part of the wardrobe.

The unique design of the cabinet is made to be slender yet spacious. As the bottom drawer is quite small, the top drawers are deeper and higher than usual to provide more space. The designer has also introduced a curved edge as well as a gentle portion of fluted panel design into the wardrobe doors. Round handles are part of the unique design of the cabinet.