Modern contemporary @ bedok reservoir

This humble abode is located at Bedok reservoir and it’s one of the newer estates at that area.

Our lovely couple grew up in this neighborhood, and when they decided to build a home, they knew that location was important to them. They wanted to build on the spot where they met, so we took inspiration from their story to create something that was true to their values as well as their individual style.

It is a huge 5 room flat with an open concept kitchen with two rooms combined into one master bedroom for extra space for a dresser and wardrobe. The unique feature of the house is to have a long seamless feature wall with recess gold detailing w led light ambient.

This featured wall can be your passageway to storeroom, dresser, and master bedroom. It’s designed to be sleek and clean, while creating an area that allows the rest of the home to flow seamlessly with the open concept kitchen.

The island is very spacious, allowing you to host large parties while cooking in the kitchen. The dining table is connected to the island, so one can entertain guests while preparing food. The washing machine is hidden in a cabinet below the sink, so it doesn’t ruin the look or disturb guests.

We installed false ceiling to hide the trucking and also hide uneven surface from your existing ceiling. We also added a curved touch to the side of false ceiling in the living room and bathrooms. This will soften the harness on ceiling and also bring the ceiling closer to the wall.

Finally, a complete floor overlay is a great way to update your home. We overlay the entire house except we hack the entire kitchen and both bathrooms wall and floor.

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