Japandi @ Clementi Ave 1

A young couple who both work in a creative industry loves to showcase their collection that they have. We knocked down 1 of the rooms to combine into the living room to create space for the couple to have a full height display cabinet for their unique figurines collection and also for the female’s work area.

Having bigger space helps the young couple to invite their friend for house parties and gatherings in their house. Always having boardgames, karaoke parties and having some mahjong time!

The same dark wood laminate that is used throughout the entire home. Looking at the living room, how can you miss out their sleek looking Samsung frame and beside it an open shelves for homeowners to display memorabilia items that they kept throughout their relationship, like their first vacation together to Japan, their favourite band vinyl etc. Let’s take some time to “awwww”.

I did mention about the female’s work area, but did I mention about the male owner’s work area yet? Male owner’s sanctuary was home to all his newly purchased plants. Love the green in the space, it brings life to the surroundings.

The cats have personal space as well. There’s an allocated space at the corner for the cat’s litter box. Where is an easy access for the homeowner to clear out the cat’s litter and keep it clean.

The limewash paint was specially mixed and DIY-ed by homeowners, adding their little touch to the house. Who will say no to their own little DIY to the house?

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