Modern Industrial @ 282A Sengkang East Ave

Following a relocation back home from The Big Apple, an aggregate overhaul was setout for the previously leased out 990 sqft home. With an adoration for inky tones embracing blues and greens, a Modern Industrial notion was connoted.

A display niche was carved out to mimic an entryway table as a repository for keys and mails by utilizing the sides of an integrated cabinetry. To mandate depth, contrasting steel laminate was assimilated as its backing for the raw finishing that signifies the Industrial aspect.

With two young kids, a settee was provisioned as an essential for a place to sit, aid in putting on and lacing-up their shoes. Adjacently, spherical hooks further supplement the functionally of the entryway by exploiting as modular coat rack and a statement adornment.

Considering the lack of natural light source in the area, mirror was accounted to reflect light from the kitchen and open up the entire hallway. Its secondary role plays a vital usage in everyday life where a last look is made possible prior to leaving for the day.

One of the key prominent constituents, the island, deliberately placed to capture attention with its stunning high gloss sintered marble slab aimed for a flash of brilliant dramatic focal conjoined alongside the dining for an impeccable hosting benchmark. A bar was also consigned within reach for the client’s assortment of liquor collection.

Ample countertop space plus use of knobs and handles was a desideratum when it comes to the kitchen, accommodating for several appliances as a frequent cook. Segregation between the kitchen and yard was teared down, aimed at forming a roomier workspace. A glorious mix of indigo denim gradient wash tiles was designated when we fall head over heels at first sight for. Wield together for its complementary tones to the main color casted. A layer of matte epoxy sealer was appended for easy clean-up after a gastronomic delight. The living area was shaped with plenty of storage unit appropriate for the family of four in addition to display niches built to showcase collectibles amassed over the years with space to grow into. Contrasting blue textured marble feature and mirror enhances the modernness against the much darker industrial color tones whilst ligaturing the indigo tiles spotted in the kitchen. A playroom was envisaged by replacing the L-shaped wall against the living with glass panel for an open space plan with the functionality of being able to supervise the kids.