28 Cavan Road is a 1000 sqft home to a Bakery.

The team at Insight.Out, along with our client came up with a terrific idea to split the shophouse for a full utilization of space. We managed to fit a back closed kitchen for baking, an office, a designated classroom and even a shop front for our lovely customers.

The full kitchen designed by our talented designer encompass baking stations, mixing stations, fondant stations and last but not least preparation stations. This space allows staff to bake with a peace of mind.

The office that we’ve created sits approximately a headcount of 6 - 8 staff comfortably. This is the space where they would focus on their daily work.

An interesting part about this Bakery is that our client wanted a classroom where they can hold workshops, one-time baking class and even perhaps a space where they would film their future TikTok vidoes on how they bake a cake! The classroom comes with built-in ovens, mixers and workstations for participants to indulge in.

Nothing speaks louder than a aesthetically pleasing first impression - that’s when the shopfront comes into play. The star of this project, comes with a display of cakes in the chiller and countertop. You will also find curved counters with fluted panels, this is the perfect place where you’ll find most of the customers’ snapping an IG story or reels as they call it now.

Lastly, we used Lime-wash paint on the walls and ceiling to exude a warm and cozy feeling when customers step into the shop, they can choose to enjoy their desserts right away in the tiny dine-in area that we’ve created as well.

Don’t be a stranger when you walk pass 28 Cavan Road in future, pop by for some sumptuous desserts. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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