contemporary @ compassvale

A “hodophile” perfectly describe our homeowner - One who loves to travel. She would collect unique items like a cuckoo clock purchased from Europe and hand carried back to Singapore. The homeowner trusted our designer throughout the entire renovation and allowed our designer to make many decisions that contributed to the pleasing outcome of this project.

For this unit, a full overhaul was done. We used tiles for the majority spaces in the home. Parquet was used in 3 rooms consistently as well.

Zooming into the living room, which is approximately 600x600 floor tiles. Upon entering the home, owner will be greeted with a full height cabinet with ample storage space with additional display shelves for owner to showcase her travel loots! Connected to the cabinets, is feature wall and a double tier TV console. With the dining area at close proximity, owner has the option to have a dining table for up to 6 guests!

Your guest can watch you cook with an open concept kitchen. To add a little more fun to the kitchen, our designer added pattern tiles in the middle to give that pop. The gas stove comes with a built in oven at the bottom, just in time to roast that Turkey for Christmas. Open shelves can be spotted for coffee machine, wine glasses and display of wine purchased when homeowner goes traveling.

It is every woman’s dream to have a walk in wardrobe, we created that by combining the master bedroom and bedroom 3. We added a work station feature. A bay window storage settee for reading and coffee time. We’ve also installed open shelves for display items like books and decorative items with closed storage at the bottom.

Now, let’s talk private - Bathrooms. The common bathroom wall tiles used were glossy for a luxurious look and feel. In the master bedroom, we used glossy tiles but we laid it vertically to create the vision that the master bathroom looks a lot taller.

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