@ holland ave

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong generation? Perhaps you would have fancy life more in the 70s? You have a fond liking for antique things, yet succumb to the beauty of the modern English colonial look…

You are - The fusion of the old and new, 12 Holland Ave.

12 Holland Ave was uniquely designed to encapsulate the beauty of the old and new. With the original old school terrazzo flooring, ventilation blocks in between the kitchen to the living area and the uneven texture of the wall. We embrace its flaws and decided to keep it.

As with most 3 room flat homeowners’, their main concern was space. We knocked down most of the walls and decided on an open concept kitchen to enhance the space.

Have you noticed the Green Jade Kit Kat tiles? That, my friends is the backdrop of the vanity area that was shifted out from the toilet. The decision to move the basin area out of the bathroom makes the bathroom bigger, reducing restrictions in terms of space. We have also created an additional storage space under the vanity.

As our home owner’s choice of furnitures were vintage and unique, the entire interior of the home was painted in a black and white canvas.

The wall in-between the master bedroom and dining was hacked to allow more light to penetrate through despite limited sunlight shining from the only window in the room.

We’ve replaced the wall with a generous big fixed glass panel and a fluted bi-fold glass door at the entrance to the master bedroom. Worry not, fluted glass adds extra privacy to the room a blind was installed to shield off privacy in the fixed glass panel.

Black frame windows were replaced to accommodate the white walls and the main wooden door.

Finally, the gate was uniquely designed by our designer. A fluted glass was added into the mild steel gate and paired with the wall light and the unit number.

When you hear 12 Holland Ave, you will remember me.

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