At this unit, you get 5 room flat on the main level with additional balcony space at the main entrance. The size of the flat and the recess area opportunity is hard to come back now. Owners wanted to have an open concept kitchen and it’d rare chance to have open concept when you walk from the main entrance. Typically open concept will be placed in between dining and kitchen but for this flat it’s between balcony and kitchen.

We took this chance to allow more natural lighting into the kitchen. This natural lighting will be useful as we took one third of the original kitchen and converted it into a mini laundry room. We also took away two window panels to accommodate the new space.

You'll love the unique design of this kitchen remodel. First thing we see is wooden tiles, terrazzo table top and terrazzo mid way backing with white KitKat tiles all the way to the top of the ceiling. It's all tied together with gold accents and a fluted glass wall light above the arched door.

For the balcony, we decided to keep the original blinds from previous owners and we feel that the wooden bamboo blinds would compliment well with white walls.

Instantly give your main door a makeover with this fresh coat of paint. This sage green color is subtle, yet sophisticated and pairs beautifully with shades of grey. We’re certain that this particular shade will have you feeling at ease in your new home from the moment you walk through the door!

Nothing is impossible. We did a unusual deep cabinet to house owners music equipments. We take this chance to build a settee with storage. This settee serves dual purposes. Not only allows people to sit and to store, it also enhances the view by framing it up with customised carpentry works.

In this living room we did a full height storage and display cabinet. This cabinet not only serves as a storage or display but it's also one of the important features of house. With the nice backdrop paired with existing marble and a leather couch, it creates a welcoming entrance to any home interior.

Take a peek into the master bedroom: We kept it unique and added the arch detailing on the door with a customised mid-height standing dress with storage. Bathrooms were fully revamped and we decided to keep the waste big pvc pipe away. Bathroom tiles colour were kept at minimal of 2 colours. Bathroom fittings in gold with jade green subway tiles.

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