Modern Japandi @ Joo Seng

When we met our clients, they brought a blend of ideas that we incorporated into the house, allowing the homeowners to personalize their preferred theme.

The inspiration behind the design was drawn from the ambiance of Japanese cafes, which influenced the framing of the kitchen cabinets and the use of glass elements.

The owners desired a larger kitchen space with a semi-open concept, as they frequently engage in cooking activities. To create a sense of spaciousness, glass was utilized, enlarging the kitchen area.

We also created a separate service yard in response to their needs.

The owners' fondness for the raw and textured appearance led to the selection of a Caesarstone countertop and tiled kitchen backsplash, both of which emphasize the desired aesthetic. Additionally, a stainless steel countertop was chosen for the cooking side to create a professional chef's kitchen feel.

Since the house originally featured some curved elements, we incorporated curves into the design as well.

To maintain a consistent flow, vinyl flooring was used in the remaining rooms to complement the wooden theme.

Considering the owners' love for outdoor adventures, the balcony was transformed to offer a panoramic view and facilitate outdoor cooking with its stone-like tiled surface.

The owners desired larger bathrooms, so both toilets were extended. The master toilet posed a challenge due to limited space, which prompted the construction of a curved wall to optimize the walking space towards the master bedroom.

To make the most of the curved space, a dressing table was built, creating a cozy atmosphere.

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